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Choosing a financial adviser is probably the most important, long-term financial decision you will ever make.  That is why it is so important that you choose a person who is a FIDUCIARY. I'm just as concerned about who you are as they are about the assets you have.  Many advisers however seem focused primarily on their client’s assets.  Unfortunately, that is only half of the picture.  Who you are is the other half.

At Frederick Advisors, we get to know you, not just your assets.  By establishing the relationship first, we can determine if / how we can add value to what you are already doing.  Click here to learn more.

Call (301) 662-6126 today or click here to email us to learn more about the range of financial and estate planning services offered.

 Frederick Advisors is proud to be a member of these outstanding organizations:

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WiserAdvisor announces that David Latch of Frederick Advisors has been awarded admittance as a member of its directory of financial advisors.


Because of the strict standards that a financial professional must meet in order to become a member, WiserAdvisor only admits a select few high-quality financial advisors and financial planners. More than 600,000 professionals can provide insurance and financial advice. Less than 1% have been granted membership into WiserAdvisor. 


Financial advisors are granted admission into WiserAdvisor ( based on their credentials and qualifications. All members offer their services to investors with a fee rather than solely with commissions, allowing them to assist investors with a variety of different investment options. All members are also properly registered with the SEC, FINRA or other regulatory organizations.


Since 2003, WiserAdvisor has focused on taking much of the guesswork out of finding a qualified financial advisor or financial planner. This is done both through the stringent admittance guidelines, as well as through the information provided to investors about each member advisor. All members must complete an extensive profile outlining their services, qualifications and credentials, including their education background. 


Thousands of investors use WiserAdvisor each year to find local financial advisors and planners, and trust that WiserAdvisor will help them find the right professionals to meet their unique needs.



WiserAdvisor is an online service that connects investors to local financial advisors and financial planners. It is an independent and free service provided to investors, allowing them to find local professionals who can help them build their portfolios, plan for retirement, manage their estates, or to help them with other investment issues. More information about WiserAdvisor and its services can be found at


About Frederick Advisors

David Latch is a financial advisor located in Frederick, MD.
More information about David can be found at and at

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